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Software-As-An-Experience Architecture (SAAE)



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Software-As-An-Experience Architecture (SAAETM)

Our architecture enables you to ‘platform out’ in order to meet the emerging demands of today’s customer

  • Modernize stack to support business processes and customer experiences
  • Integrate new services via APIs
  • Augment SMAC capabilities
  • Deliver end-to-end omni-channel experience
  • Make the data actionable via real-time analytics
  • Add 360° security
  • Train employees on new systems and applications
  • Measure value at each stage

Technology competencies

Delivering speed to value requires modernizing existing technologies and augmenting them with next-generation enabling capabilities

Business Services
  • eCommerce

    Utilize digital channels to deliver seamless shopping experiences

  • CMS / DMS

    Engage customers and eliminate risks via content and document management

  • Cloud

    Increase flexibility and responsiveness while reducing costs

  • Web

    Full service: from customer-centered design to development and optimization

  • Social

    Engage customers and employees via social collaboration capabilities

  • Mobile

    Support customer and employee mobile journeys uninterruptedly

  • IVR

    Upgrade customer experience via voice-enabled services

  • Wearables / IoT

    Improve efficiency and accuracy by integrating digital and physical assets

Big Data / Analytics
  • Big Data

    Turn data volume, velocity and variety into a competitive advantage

  • Analytics

    Discover value by analyzing patterns and predicting behaviors

  • AI

    Reimagine work and the relationship between man and machine.

  • CRM

    Optimize all your customers’ interactions and empower the business

  • Core Stack

    Drive business processes via upgraded technology stack

  • Integration

    Unify customer experiences with end-to-end application integration

  • Security

    Stay in control by protecting your assets from unauthorized access or change

  • Platforms

    Tightly integrated platforms enabling services throughout the entire customer journey







For 25 years, we have made it simple for companies to navigate complex digital worlds

User Experience Design

Define the quality characteristics, constraints, and standards that your technology must have to ensure optimal user experience

Build vs Buy Analysis

Balance the speed and simplicity of off-the-shelf applications with the flexibility and scalability of custom development

Legacy Modernization

Upgrade existing applications to a usability level that aligns with the needs of your business for extendibility, scalability, and cost management

Custom Application Development

Develop innovative mobile, e-commerce, and custom applications to enhance customer experience across channels, while lowering costs to acquire, serve, and retain customers

Cloud-based Applications

Leverage the limitless potential of the Cloud to enable access to services on demand, lowering maintenance costs

Collaborative Solutions

Establish open enterprise-wide communication, connecting people with the information they need, as well as with each other, to succeed in the digital economy

Functional Testing

Ensure applications conform with all functional requirements via custom input/output evaluation

Security Testing

Determine whether or not an information system protects data and maintains functionality as intended

Phased Deployment

Progressively roll-out new or redesigned systems, applications or enabling capabilities

Release Management

Eliminate potential disruptions in critical areas, such as data quality reviews and maintenance resource load leveling, before they occur

Managed Support

Keep your systems and applications running and meet SLAs, with our digital expert help

System Performance Monitoring

Define critical metrics such as CPU utilization, network traffic, and disk IOS, constantly assess system performance and set up alerts

Business Value Measurement

Track leading and lagging KPIs directly linked to business objectives and compare outcomes against predefined targets

Proactive Troubleshooting

Mitigate system interruptions via proactive troubleshooting

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Ensure business continuity by enabling recovery of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster

Performance Testing

Measure, validate or verify various quality attributes of your systems, such as scalability, reliability and resource usage

Usability Testing

Multimodal user experience testing 

User Training

Increase your productivity and lower internal support costs via end-to-end performance support programs that can scale with your business

Customer Training

Help your customers onboard faster and more effectively via interactive learning programs and tutorials






  • Case Study Leading Healthcare Services Provider

    Digital transformation drives significant improvements in patient engagement