Transforming Leadership

Navigating change in the digital age has never been harder. We equip leaders with the skills needed to leverage the power of digital innovation and drive their organization ahead of competitors.

Leadership Awareness

1-week course designed to increase the digital awareness of all leaders in the organization by covering the newest technologies that will impact their business.

Digital Strategy

Equipping leaders with the tools they need to create digital strategies within their department.

Stakeholder Alignment

Organizations going through a transformation require all key stakeholders to be on the same page and this course assists in that stakeholder alignment.

User Adoption Training

Organizations that invest in digital transformation understand that adoption is the key variable in measure return on investment. We build unique adoption training programs to increase the adoption of virtually any digital transformation program, whether that be for an internal, or customer-facing, application.

Internal Adoption
  • Implementing a series of training programs that are focused around impacting user behavior at the moment of impact, while they are in the middle of the program. Gone are the days of teaching people how to use software in a classroom.

External Adoption
  • Training customers to use complex applications can be made easier through a combination of short demo videos, self-paced learning programs, and a series of certifications and badges that bring a gaming element to learning a new application.

Outsourced Change Management

Successful digital transformation is dependent on an investment in change management. Our end-to-end change management programs have been designed to focus on one key driver, time-to-market.


Shrinking the total training time by preparing user-specific training, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.


Providing organizations visibility into the progress of change empowers them to make the quick decisions needed to keep digital transformations on track.


Preparing and delivering communication across multiple channels, languages, and modalities to ensure there is absolute coverage for all change management programs.

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