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core enablers of digital transformation

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digital transformation maturity model

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core enablers of
digital transformation

We know you can’t do it all -- We approach transformation through our proprietary framework of digital enablers, which allows us to identify and address improvement opportunities that drive value at multiple levels across your company

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    Building and sustaining a digitally-enabled, collaborative, innovative, and customer-centric workforce

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    Digitally-enabled processes that drive outcomes fast without compromising on quality and personalization

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    Digital capabilities and underlying architecture that enable seamless and real-time delivery of customer experiences

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    Shift in mindset, incentives, and structures from “optimizing for costs or profits” to “optimizing for value”

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    Holistic and comprehensive collection, management, and monetization of information that bridges the silos

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    Consistently delivering positive customer experiences across traditional and digital channels


digital transformation
maturity model

Our digital business maturity model benchmarks the readiness of your business against leading practices, competitors, and the needs of your customers

  • Struggling to meet minimum customer and business requirements
  • Low adoption of digital technologies across new channels
  • Culture is resistant to change
  • Adopting platforms to enable effective digital customer experiences and employee engagement
  • Delivering differentiated experiences by persona
  • Retooling the company culture for digital transformation
  • Seamless, real-time delivery of personalized customer experiences in every channel
  • Adaptive, collaborative, innovative, and customer-centric workforce
  • Processes that drive competitive outcomes fast without compromising on quality or creating risks


We help you assess the landscape, align stakeholders, and plan coordinated improvements

Digital Maturity Assessment

Discover what separates you from the ideal digital business mode via a 360-degree assessment of your business

Digital Market Scan

Compare your digital strategy to your key competitors and design to beat them in the market

Leadership Alignment

Increase the success of your digital initiatives by onboarding and aligning key business leaders

Digital Business Requirements

Define and catalog the business's digital transformation objectives, vision, and goals to bring leadership on the same page

Digital Business Case

Get the budget by developing a data-informed business case for digital transformation, with built-in ROI

Governance Model

Form a steering committee, design action plans and internal communications, and governance measures

Impact and Complexity Evaluation

Project the business impact of recommended projects, and the complexity of implementing them

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Own an implementable roadmap of prioritized digitalization initiatives with a clear understanding of impact and ROI

  • Case Study Leading U.S. Amusement Park Operator

    Digital transformation enables more effective and more efficient customer engagement


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