Digital is rapidly transforming the global business topography. Enterprise leaders in almost all industry verticals have indulged in some sort of digital business transformation. Except for a few bright examples, most transformation teams are struggling. Simply leveraging digital technologies such as social platforms, IoT, cloud and analytics does not really suffice. Though it’s true that an organization cannot achieve the full potential of digital transformation without a strong technological foundation, it is not the only factor that counts. Businesses must consider a big picture approach to embrace digital transformation in its true essence, one that connects the gaps between the different enablers, including people, channels, information, processes and technology, critical to enhance business agility, identify new business opportunities, and provide better customer experience.

The following infographic highlights 6 key areas that organizations must focus on to make digital transformation work for them:

Every business is unique and so are its digital transformation needs. Nevertheless, a well-rounded strategy that incorporates all the above-mentioned best practices will surely help you to embark successfully on your digital transformation journey.

Silky Sinha

Silky Sinha

She is the customer experience analyst at Compunnel Digital. A digital native with a global mandate, Silky is always on the search for industry best practices across multiple verticals. She identifies companies with superior customer experience based on the Compunnel Digital Customer Journey Framework. Her research helps our clients and informs the market at large.


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