In this digital era, organizations must re-envision their customer experience, operational processes and business models in order to promote growth and remain competitive. It is crucial, therefore, to jumpstart their digital journey and successfully transform the business areas which lack speed, agility and efficiency.

This eBook describes how businesses can transform into a digital enterprise by developing a digital vision, leveraging digital technologies and acquiring necessary digital skills and capabilities. 

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  • Digitopia : The Need for Digital Transformation and its implication on customer experience
  • Journeying : How to plan, design and execute digital business transformation
  • Roadblocks : 6 Major challenges encountered along the journey towards digital transformation and how to overcome those
  • Digital that Works : 6 Steps to a successful digital transformation

This eBook emphasizes how a digital transformation strategy guides a company through digitalization efforts which ultimately leads to increased sales and productivity, innovations in value creation, and novel ways to engage and serve customers.

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